Amtrak service routes 

Three types of routes are offered by Amtrak: long-distance routes, state-supported routes, and Northeast Corridor routes. The Northeast Corridor service is subsidized by federal appropriations, while federally-supported long-distance services are subsidized by appropriations under a separate line item from the NEC in federal budgets. Amtrak partners with 17 states to provide additional short- and medium-distance services, which are subsidized by periodic payments from state partners.

Three routes – Carolinian, Northeast Regional, and Vermonter – are state-subsidized only on sections of the Northeast Corridor. The Northeast Regional and San Joaquin have branches served by different trips, while the Empire Builder and Lake Shore Limited are split into two sections. Not every trip runs the full route.

Note: This site isn’t the official Amtrak site. It’s just here to help people who are traveling on Amtrak train.

NoNameTypeRouteDaily round tripsRoute miles
1AcelaNECBoston – New York – Washington16 (weekday), 4 (Sat), 9 (Sun)456
2AdirondackState-supportedMontreal – New York1381
3Amtrak CascadesState-supportedVancouver – Seattle – Portland – Eugene4467
4Auto TrainLong distanceLorton – Sanford1855
5Berkshire FlyerState-supportedNew York – Pittsfield1 weekly round trip190
6Blue WaterState-supportedChicago – Port Huron1319
7California ZephyrLong distanceChicago – Emeryville, California12,438
8Capitol CorridorState-supportedAuburn – Sacramento – Oakland – San Jose9172
9Capitol LimitedLong distanceChicago – Washington1764
10CardinalLong distanceChicago – New York3 weekly round trips1,147
11CarolinianNEC; State-supportedNew York – Charlotte1704
12City of New OrleansLong distanceChicago – New Orleans1926
13Coast StarlightLong distanceSeattle – Los Angeles11,377
14CrescentLong distanceNew York City – New Orleans11,377
15DowneasterState-supportedBrunswick – Portland – Boston5145
16Empire BuilderLong distanceChicago – Spokane – Portland/Seattle12,257 (Chicago–Portland)2,206 (Chicago–Seattle)
17Empire ServiceState-supportedNew York – Albany – Niagara Falls7 (Sun-Fri), 6 (Sat)460
18Ethan Allen ExpressState-supportedNew York – Burlington1308
19Hartford LineState-supportedSpringfield – New Haven6 (weekday), 4 (Sat), 5 (Sun)63
20Heartland FlyerState-supportedOklahoma City – Fort Worth1206
21Hiawatha ServiceState-supportedChicago – Milwaukee7 (Monday-Saturday), 6 (Sunday)86
22Illini and SalukiState-supportedChicago – Carbondale2310
23Illinois Zephyr and Carl SandburgState-supportedChicago – Quincy2258
24Keystone ServiceState-supportedNew York – Philadelphia – Harrisburg13 (weekday), 7 (weekend)195
25Lake Shore LimitedLong distanceNew York/Boston – Albany – Chicago11,018 (Chicago – Boston)959 (Chicago – New York)
26Lincoln ServiceState-supportedChicago – St. Louis4284
27Maple LeafState-supportedNew York – Toronto1544
28Missouri River RunnerState-supportedSt. Louis – Kansas City2283
29Northeast RegionalNEC; State-supportedBoston/Springfield – New York – Washington –Norfolk/Newport News/Roanoke18 (weekday), 15 (weekend)644 (Boston – Newport News)679 (Boston – Norfolk)682 (Boston – Roanoke)
30Pacific SurflinerState-supportedSan Luis Obispo – Goleta – Los Angeles – San Diego10350
31PalmettoLong distanceNew York City – Savannah1829
32PennsylvanianState-supportedNew York – Pittsburgh1444
33Pere MarquetteState-supportedChicago – Grand Rapids1176
34PiedmontState-supportedRaleigh – Charlotte4173
35San JoaquinsState-supportedOakland/Sacramento – Bakersfield6318 (Bakersfield–Oakland)280 (Bakersfield–Sacramento)
36Silver MeteorLong distanceNew York – Miami11,389
37Silver StarLong distanceNew York – Miami11,522
38Southwest ChiefLong distanceChicago – Los Angeles12,256
39Sunset LimitedLong distanceNew Orleans – Los Angeles3 weekly round trips1,995
40Texas EagleLong distanceChicago – San Antonio(through cars to Los Angeles on the Sunset Limited)11,306 (Chicago – San Antonio)2,728 (Chicago – Los Angeles)
41Valley FlyerState-supportedGreenfield – Springfield – New Haven298
42VermonterNEC; State-supportedSt. Albans – Washington1611
43WolverineState-supportedChicago – Pontiac3304
Source: Wikipedia